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My offer is primarily aimed at smaller companies such as restaurants, retail stores, organizations or associations that value an original and individual appearance.
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A good website starts on a blank sheet of paper: I plan your website with you so that we don't leave anything to chance.

Interactive modules are the life of your website: In addition to complex forms, I also program online shops and content management systems (CMS) for you.
If you wish, I can also create your accounts in the most important social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube.

Show the world who you are: I take care of publishing your website so that it reaches as many people as possible.

A website is never finished: I maintain and update your website, because topicality is essential, especially on the Internet.
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If you are no longer satisfied with your current website: tell me what is bothering you about your website and I will change it (as far as possible) according to your wishes.

A uniform design is the prerequisite for establishing your company as a brand and increasing its recognition value.
From the letterhead to the business card to the menu: I take care of the design for you and, if desired, also take care of the production.

Last but not least, the success of your company will depend on its popularity.
It is the same with your events, discount campaigns or product launches.
Whether outdoor or indoor advertising : I design lettering for you for various advertising media, posters, flyers, brochures or catalogs and, if you wish, I can also take care of their production.

The heart of your company is its logo. It is therefore important to pay special attention to the development of your logo.
Font, color, shape, a suitable size ratio and a slogan (claim) suitable for your company are the important elements of a good logo: I will develop several variants of your future logo for you.
Your constructive criticism will lead us to a good result.

Whether conservative or progressive: I formulate texts according to your wishes.
Of course, taking into account all applicable orthographic and grammatical rules.

Images stay!
Also in the memory of your customers: I photograph your business from the outside and inside, your products and, if you wish, you too.
My photos are high resolution and therefore perfect for all print media.
And I would be happy to create web-compatible versions for your website.

Ad trailers get more attention than texts. This applies to social networks as well as to your website: I produce animated advertising with pictures and sound for you.
Since I take photos, create graphics and create sounds myself, you are always on the safe side in terms of copyright.
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