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Basically, the Internet was never particularly important to me. That changed in the late 1990s when I understood my prejudice after my first trips to the World Wide Web and replaced it with naive enthusiasm: Brave new world!
How long is new? If you then notice how many websites are alike, you get bored very quickly. Stop it! My career as a "web designer" started.
Having ideas is good. Implementing them for the Internet is something else, however. My first attempts were only suitable offline and led me to study the relevant specialist literature. This gave me not only the reasons for my failed attempts, but also the basic knowledge of web design and web technologies.
With this knowledge I founded "nosom WEBDESIGN" - a business for web design, which I successfully operated until 2015.
During this time, I frequently received inquiries relating to graphic and print design in addition to web design. Interested parties inquired about the design of logos, business cards, flyers, entrance tickets, posters, brochures, advertisements or outdoor advertising.
Apart from the fact that web design differs significantly from graphic and print design and I was able to familiarize myself with completely new areas, I liked the idea of ​​being able to do a lot more for my customers in the future.
Today I offer graphic and print design in addition to web design.
It has proven to be useful to be able to supply my customers with everything from a single source.
For example, files that have already been created could be used without detours and optimized for other projects. This not only saved my customers the hassle of looking for other providers.
It also took less time! And I don't know of a company whose time doesn't cost anything ...
For me, customer loyalty is not just a concept of marketing. For me, customer loyalty also means being there for you personally. Also at the weekend or late in the evening, when things get tight again.
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